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Become a Trained Expert on
the Science of the Cards
with Robert Lee Camp

 The World's #1 Expert on the Destiny Cards


The Only True Magi Card Training

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the foremost expert in Destiny Card readings! Initiated as a Grand Master in the Order of the Magi in 1992, Robert has personally created this program. Enroll in the Magi Card Science Certification Program today and start your journey towards becoming a Master Magi Card Reader.

Become a Magi Certified Card Reader

If you've read the Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards books, you've already taken the first step towards becoming a skilled card reader. You have put in the effort to do readings for yourself, friends, family, and perhaps even clients, and that's impressive.


Now, imagine how much more confident you would feel during readings if you had a deeper understanding of the Destiny Cards and the ability to perform readings that truly impact and transform people's lives. This is what this training is all about. Our ten-month training takes you from where you are, through the intermediate, advanced and finally the professional levels of card science. You will gain knowledge and techniques that are not published anywhere.


The Magi Card Science Certification is the key to unlocking your full potential and becoming a Master Card Reader of the Destiny Cards.


Why This Program

Have you ever been fascinated by the idea of unlocking the secrets of the universe? 


Do you feel a pull towards understanding your own destiny and the destiny of those around you? Would you like to be that person that helps others understand their destiny and how their karma impacts every area of their life?


Then, you are in the right place because you should absolutely be a part of Robert Lee Camp's Magi Card Science Certification program, the ultimate resource for those seeking to master the art of Destiny Cards reading and tap into this ancient wisdom.


This 10-month certification program is the perfect platform for you if you're looking to enhance your intuitive abilities and develop your card reading skills. You will be introduced to the latest discoveries and advanced knowledge that is not taught anywhere else.


With our comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, you'll learn how to read the Destiny Cards with confidence and accuracy, unlocking insights into your own life as well as those of your clients. 


This program is designed to help you master the art of card reading in a step-by-step manner, from the basics of card reading interpretation to advanced techniques that will allow you to perform 'transformational' readings that can change the essential direction of someone's life.


Robert Lee Camp has spent over 35 years studying, practicing, and teaching the Magi Card Science system. His expertise in this field is unparalleled, and he has written more than 10 books on the subject, including Cards of Your Destiny, Love Cards, Cartas Espiritus, Exploring the Little Book of the Seven Thunders, and The Art of Performing Transformational Card Readings. 


By joining this program, you'll get access to Robert Lee Camp's vast knowledge and experience, as well as the tools and resources you need to become a successful Magi Certified Card Reader.

What's Included

What’s Included in Your Training

  • The training is ten months long, and there will be a graduation ceremony for all who wish to attend the following September.

  • Q&A Meetings on Zoom with Robert Lee Camp and qualified trainers to share and ask questions about Card Science topics. These meetings are recorded and can be viewed later at your convenience.

  • Special Bonus Lessons released each month on specialty topics, some not found in the Cards of Destiny or Love Cards book.

  • Personal meetings with your mentor every two weeks and sometimes every week when needed during the practical exam. That's approximately 24 mentoring sessions! This is what makes this program special and unique: all the personal support and guidance you get.

  • A Graduation Certificate upon completing all the requirements.

  • Access to the Magi Card Science Certification program platform for this training, where you can share with other students, ask questions, get the latest announcements, and download specific files related to your training. This is a private group hosted on the Card Science Fellowship platform.

Special Offer for Early Enrollment

Anyone who enrolls before August 1, 2024 will receive complimentary access to two of Robert’s esteemed astrology courses, valued at $300:

  • The Fundamentals of Astrology

  • The Sun - The Symbol of the Soul


  1. Full Payment: Pay $4000 upfront and receive exclusive bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Additional year of Book of Destiny and Love Cards software access.

  • Bonus 2: The Science of Numbers - The Evolution of Numbers as They Relate to Card Interpretation ebook by Robert Lee Camp

  • Bonus 3: How to Connect Better with Your Clients (pre-recorded class on NLP techniques) with Linh Thoi


2.   Installment Plan: Pay $2220 down, then $220 monthly for nine months.

Upon registration, you will be directed to a questionnaire to complete and return so that we may familiarize ourselves with you and choose the best mentor to help you during your training.


Your Curriculum as You Train

Monthly Live Q & A Sessions

During this 10-month program, get ready for mind-blowing live question-and-answer sessions on Zoom hosted by Robert Lee Camp, Linh Thoi, and qualified mentors each month.

During the Q&A sessions, you can ask Robert Lee Camp and his team of mentors your most burning questions about Card Science.

The Q&A sessions will take place on a Saturday of each month at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Eastern.


Even if you can't attend the live Q&A sessions, don't worry—you can watch the recordings at your convenience.

*Special Bonus Lessons*

This program includes ten special bonus lessons from Robert Lee Camp, Linh Thoi, and other talented mentors. These two-hour bonus lessons will be released each month throughout the program.


Some of the special topics include:


  • How to Create a Successful Card Business

  • All About Love & Relationships

  • Decanate Ruling Card

  • The Grand Solar Spreads

  • The Karma Cards

  • The Sixes and Saturn

  • The Sevens and Nines

  • The Law of Fives

  • The Underlying Cards

  • The Mystic Triangle

  • Parents and Their Children

  • Cards and Astrology

  • The Order of the Magi

  • And Much More

These topics are not found in The Cards of Your Destiny or Love Cards books. And many of them are paid courses on So, these are some advanced teachings to skyrocket your readings to another level.

*Note: These trainings are not required for your certification but will allow you to gain new insights and take your skills to the next level.

Meeting with Your Personal Mentor


As part of our program, you'll be paired with your very own personal mentor, your go-to guide throughout your journey. You will meet with your mentor once every two weeks and sometimes once a week during the practical exam to get the guidance and support you need to succeed. You and your mentor decide the times and days of these meetings. Best of all, meetings are conducted via Zoom so that you can connect from anywhere.


Your mentor is chosen based on how your two birthdays match up. From our years of leading these trainings, we know which connections create the ideal learning environment for you. 


Your mentor is someone who has successfully completed this same training and graduated, so they understand what you're going through. Plus, they're supervised by Robert Lee Camp, who ensures they're providing you with the best possible guidance.


Not only will your mentor oversee your education and implement your written and practical tests, but they'll also be there to answer any questions and provide you with the encouragement and feedback you need to grow. No need to go at it alone - you'll get matched with the perfect mentor for you!


Your Course Materials

With our program, you'll get lifetime access to the essential courses that will take your skills to the next level - and it's a whopping $1200 value!


  1. First up, we have the Art of Card Interpretation Workshop, where you'll learn the ins and outs of interpreting the cards in the linear spread like a pro. 

  2. Next, the Mastery of Card Science course will teach you the ancient and original method of doing the cards using the Grand Solar Spreads, which gives you at least three times as much information.

  3. And last but certainly not least, the Art of Transformational Card Reading course will help you take your readings to the next level, providing you with the tools you need to create truly transformative experiences for your clients. This is our highest level training where you learn the secrets of each card's hidden motivations and Karma.

These courses are the keys to unlocking your full potential as a Master Card Reader of the Destiny Cards. With lifetime access, you'll be able to revisit them again and again as you continue to grow and evolve. 

Our Online Software is Included, and All You Need

You'll receive one full year of access to our online software, including the Book of Destiny and Love Cards Online Application Bundle. That's a $195 value, and it's all yours as part of this training.


This software is a convenient tool for any card reader - it works on all devices, from computers to pads to smartphones, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. And best of all, it has everything you need to access all the card information for completing this training.


The Tests You Will Take

Get ready for some real hands-on learning! As you progress through the program, you will take four written tests and one practical test, where you'll give two supervised readings to real clients.


But don't worry - you won't be thrown to the wolves just yet. You'll be led, step by step, through the reading process, and your mentor will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. And once your reading is complete, your mentor will review and discuss it with you to help you understand what went well and where you can improve.


You'll also perform a second reading with a bit less supervision, so you can really spread your wings and show off your newfound skills. It's an incredible opportunity to gain real-world experience and hone your craft.


What You Will Gain from the
Certification Program

  1. Use your certification to demonstrate your expertise and credibility to clients and colleagues.

  2. Learn how to read the Destiny Cards with precision, accuracy, and meaningfully.

  3. Develop your intuitive abilities and tap into ancient wisdom.

  4. Gain insights into your own life and the lives of others.

  5. Unlock the secrets of the universe in a way you never thought possible, by understanding 'the matrix' of life.

  6. A flexible online program that can be completed from anywhere.

  7. Receive a Magi Card Counselor certificate upon completion.

  8. Help others achieve their goals and desires by providing invaluable insight and guidance.


As a Certified Magi Card Counselor, you'll have a valuable tool that can be used in various settings. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal growth or help others achieve their goals, the Magi Card Science program can improve your life on many levels.

Meet Your Trainers

Robert Lee Camp - Grand Master, Order of the Magi on Terra

Robert Lee Camp, a self-improvement enthusiast, was born in 1953 in West Virginia, the eldest of seven siblings. He's a Cancer with a Q♦️ Birth Card, A♦️ Planetary Ruling Card, and J♣️ Decanate Ruling Card. After moving to Pennsylvania, he became a resident leader and teacher at a yoga school, where he first encountered astrology and later discovered the Science of the Cards in 1988. Fascinated by its accuracy, he studied under Arnie Lein and created his own computer software to make card readings easier.


His dedication to the cards led him to be initiated into the Order of the Magi in 1992, after which he devoted himself to sharing the spiritual underpinnings of this ancient system with the world. Through his extensive research and experience, he made many discoveries that brought forth even more meaningful information about the cards.


After moving to Los Angeles, Robert performed readings for several Hollywood celebrities before deciding to move to Paradise, CA, where he rewrote and published his first book, The Cards of Your Destiny. It was discovered by Sourcebooks, Inc., and he accepted a publishing deal for both it and his Love Cards book.


Since then, Robert has sold hundreds of thousands of books, and his work has been translated into several languages. He continues to help train students from all walks of life to become readers and teachers, and he currently resides in Asheville, NC with his wife Lena and son Radheya. 


Robert's passion and dedication to sharing the Science of the Cards has made this ancient system much more visible and accessible to people all around the world.

Linh Thoi - Program Director

Meet Linh Thoi, a truth seeker on a mission to help you decode the secrets of the Magi Card Science system! As a Sagittarius with an 8♥️ Birth Card and 10♣️ Planetary Ruling Card, Linh is a true card-wielding alchemist with a passion for teaching and all things mystical.


She's not just your average intuitive reader. She's a spiritual life coach, energy channeler, hypnotherapist, and all-around advocate for higher states of consciousness. As a member of the Order of the Magi, Program Director, Certified Card Counselor, and Mentor, Linh is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the cards and helping you receive the highest learning and understanding of the Magi Card Science system.


Linh is also a Mindvalley & Evercoach Certified Life Coach, a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP by the legendary Dr. Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP), a Certified Hypnotherapist trained by best-selling author Paul McKenna, Reiki Master, and Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Working with shamanic medicines also played a significant role in her spiritual awakening. So she's basically a spiritual Swiss Army knife with a knack for bringing out the best in people.


With 16 years of background in entertainment as a dancer/performer and 13 years of experience working and traveling aboard cruise ships, Linh is no stranger to diverse cultures and backgrounds. When she's not busy helping people tap into their inner wisdom, she's taking yoga and meditation classes, mastering the art of manifesting, dancing, and dreaming of her next exotic travel destination (seriously, she's got wanderlust like nobody's business).


So, whether you're a seasoned card reader or just dipping your toes in the waters of the Destiny Cards, Linh is the perfect guide to help you navigate the journey. So join her in the Magi Card Science Certification Program and let the magic unfold. And don't forget to say hello on Zoom to her cats Phoenix Merlin St. GerMaine Coon and Sebastian Dragon Duran Durn, who keep her company in Orlando, Florida. 

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After Becoming Certified

Where else can you use your skills?

After completing your Magi Card Science Certification - you'll be part of an exclusive club of skilled readers with a unique talent for understanding the mysteries of the universe!


You'll also have the opportunity to become a part of the Order of the Magi, a group dedicated to personal and spiritual development and spreading the wisdom of the Destiny Cards to the world.


But what can you do with these skills, you ask? The possibilities are endless! 


Here are just a few examples of how you can put your new knowledge to use in different areas of your and your client's life:



  • Career: Are you feeling stuck in your job or unsure of what path to take? Use your card reading skills to clarify your career goals and make informed decisions about your future. Hey, you may even decide to read cards for a living.


  • Relationships: Whether you're single or in a partnership, understanding the energy of the people around you is essential for maintaining healthy relationships. Use your skills to gain insight into the dynamics of your friendships, family relationships, and romantic partnerships.


  • Personal Growth: Card readings are not just about predicting the future - they can also be powerful tools for self-reflection and personal growth. Use your skills to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where you can grow and improve.

  • Spiritual Development: Many people turn to card readings to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with the Divine. Use your skills to explore your own spirituality and connect with others on a similar path.



The possibilities are truly endless, and the skills you will learn in your Magi Card Science Certification program will serve you well in any area of your and your client's life. 


So go forth and use your knowledge to make a difference in the world - we can't wait to see what you'll accomplish!

Terms, Conditions, and Other Details


To enroll in this program, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:


For those on the payment plan


We understand that life can get busy, so it's important to keep in mind the payment plan conditions: 


  • If you miss a payment, we'll need to suspend your training until payment is received. But, once the payment is made, you'll be able to rejoin the program and continue learning and growing with your mentor and fellow students. 

  • Please note that if you're late for a month or more, we will need to say goodbye, and you will not be able to continue the program or receive a refund. However, you'll still have access to the materials you've received up to that point. 

  • Lastly, to graduate and become certified, make sure you've paid in full before completing the program. We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, so please reach out to us if you have any concerns about the payment plan.





We understand that circumstances can change and want you to be satisfied with your training experience. That's why we offer a 30-day window after the program begins (November 1st) for you to cancel your training and receive a complete refund.


However, we must also stress that after 30 days, all fees become non-refundable. This policy applies regardless of your reason for cancellation, including if you discontinue your training. You will still have access to the courses included with the training and the software for one year or two years, depending on the payment option chosen.

Meetings with your Mentor


Your mentor is dedicated to your success, and their time is valuable. You are required to meet with them to complete your training. If you schedule a meeting with them and do not show up and have not contacted them ahead of time of the need to reschedule, you will be issued a warning. If you miss three such meetings without contacting your mentor ahead of time to let them know, you may not receive the certification. You will no longer have a mentor, depending on the circumstances and our discretion. In that unlikely case, you can still participate in the program's other meetings and resources but will not be certified.

Use of Publicly Shared Information

During the Magi Card Science Certification Program, participants may ask questions and share their life experiences during live classes and Q&A sessions. Please be aware that these sessions are recorded for the benefit of all current and future participants.

By participating in the Magi Card Science Certification Program, you agree that all information shared publicly in our program belongs to us and may be used in future classes, programs, and promotional materials. This includes, but is not limited to, recorded audio, video, and text shared during live sessions or through any other communication channels associated with the program.

We are committed to respecting your privacy and ensuring your personal information is handled carefully. However, any information you share publicly during the program is part of our educational content and may be used to enhance the learning experience for others.

You can participate as an observer if you prefer not to share personal information during live classes and Q&A sessions. Your decision to share or not share will not affect your ability to benefit from the program.

If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, please contact us before participating in the program. Your participation signifies your acceptance of these terms.

Other Important Terms and Conditions


We want to create a safe and supportive space for everyone in this group. To do that, we ask that you follow these guidelines:



  • Please do not use this group to solicit goods or services to other members.

  • Please do not bring card teachings from other card teachers into this group.

  • Please avoid sharing political, religious, or any other morality-based points of view in this group.

  • Bring any concerns you may have directly to your mentor. If you still have concerns at that point, contact Robert.



We understand that issues or concerns may arise during the training, and we encourage you to bring those to your mentor or Robert Lee Camp directly. Do not, for any reason, bring any complaints or other negative rants to the group. 


However, suppose you do not follow these guidelines and bring complaints or negativity into the group in any way. In that case, we will have to take action to maintain the positive and supportive environment of the group. This may include your expulsion from the group, and no refund will be issued. 

Qualifications for Graduation and Certification


To receive certification at the end of this training, you must complete the following:


  • Have paid your full tuition.

  • Studied the three online courses in order.

  • Completed the four written tests associated with each course, having each of your tests reviewed by your mentor with you.

  • Complete a reading with an actual client, guided and overseen by your mentor and reviewed by your mentor.

  • Complete a second, less scrutinized reading, and discuss it with your mentor.

  • You are NOT required to attend the monthly Q&A sessions or watch the 10 learning modules, but some of the information there is vital to your education. All sessions are recorded for your listening pleasure afterward.


Graduation Ceremony


There will be a gathering and graduation ceremony in September of the following year, either in Asheville, North Carolina, on a cruise, or at a TBD location at our annual Gathering of the Magi. It is optional and not mandatory. The 2-4 day event will feature exclusive classes, exciting get-togethers, and the highly anticipated graduation ceremony. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate your achievements and connect with your fellow classmates in person.


Edie Hope, USA - Ace of Clubs

Studying the Cards of Destiny under Robert Lee Camp has been an amazing journey. So many wonderful openings and opportunities have presented themselves quickly since I received my Magi Card Counselor Certification. I have a new career, and I’m doing readings effortlessly and loving every minute. I find great joy in giving my clients information that enables them to make better decisions regarding things going on in their lives. I never thought I would have so many profound connections with so many people. Time after time, I receive validation that what I see in my clients’ yearly spread is manifesting in real time. Robert Lee Camp’s understanding of the cards is a magical gift. He not only carries this great spiritual knowledge, he graciously disseminates the secrets of the cards to his classes in an easy yet accurate and understandable manner. The Certification Program is a must for anyone looking to understand themselves or others more deeply. If you want to make a career in reading the cards, this program will elevate you to the top of the field of card reading. I am so grateful that I enrolled in the Magi Card Certification Program, as it has changed my life. Best decision ever!

Kristina Kashyap, USA - 10 of Hearts

What a wealth of knowledge! The Magi card science certification course revealed that this system is deeper and vaster than I ever knew. Having been fascinated by Robert's books for over 11 years, using them to do mini readings for my friends and myself, I thought I understood the cards. However, learning directly from Robert has been the gift that keeps on giving. He is such a master and yet so humble. Money well spent! It has given me incredible insight into my own life, enabled me to perform transformative, in-depth readings for others, and underlined the connection of all things in our benevolent universe.

Julie Zaloga, USA - King of Clubs

I never knew my Life's Purpose until I was introduced to the card science, but I did not know how to turn my passion into a career. After taking Robert's year-long class, I learned what I needed to know to become a full-time Certified Card Counselor. The course taught me how to speak the language of The Magi Card Science to provide accurate readings. Robert also taught me how to turn my knowledge into a successful business step-by-step. The support I received from my mentor and my classmates reminded me constantly that I belong to a special community. After graduation, I became a mentor and joined The Order of The Magi to help preserve the sacred knowledge contained within the cards. 

Now I spend my days doing what I love! Not only do I help others create the life they desire, but the tools at my disposal have granted me the ability to take my power back and live the life I have always dreamed of. I can't thank Robert enough for helping me become who I am supposed to be in just one year of my dedication to studying the system. If the cards call to you, take this course!

qt=q_24 (2).png
Keith Frugé, USA - 10 of Hearts

Studying Destiny Cards with the Order of the Magi can be a life changer.  I've been studying and utilizing Destiny Cards since Oct 2016 to illuminate my spiritual path. Perceptions of life experiences and the significance of life events have been transformed from a mundane existence to a spiritual path of seeking a relationship with the Superior Force. I use the Cards of Destiny to understand the unknown within.

Rita Guia B., Italy - King of Clubs

The Card Certification Course was an outstanding experience. The course was comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable. It provided me with key information that radically changed my understanding of each Card and how this system works. This program enabled me to start working with clients professionally and feel confident.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn and deepen their understanding of this fascinating system!

Untitled design.png
Heather Steinbeck, USA - Ace of Clubs

Completing the Magi Certification Course was a truly transformative experience. The course's focus on the birth card system allowed me to delve deep into the intricacies of Birth Card Astrology and gain a thorough understanding of this complex system. I now feel confident in giving accurate readings to myself and my clients and have already seen positive changes in my own life as a result. 

What really made the course stand out for me was the wonderful structure of knowledge and support, and guidance from the mentors. They were always available to answer questions, share knowledge and provide feedback on my progress. And, of course, learning from Robert Lee Camp was a true privilege. He is undoubtedly the guru of our time regarding this system, and his insights were invaluable in deepening my knowledge and understanding.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Magi Certification course to anyone looking to learn The Birth Card Astrology System. The knowledge I gained has already significantly impacted my life, and I know it will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you to the mentors and Robert Lee Camp for such an incredible experience.

  • What if I have no card reading experience?
    Robert Lee Camp's Magi Card Science Certification program is the perfect place for you to start your card reading journey. You do have to have read both The Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards books to participate in this program. So, if you have not yet, make sure you have done so before the training begins in August. We will not be teaching the very basics of the system. The program is designed to meet you at your current level, even if you have no prior experience with card reading. You'll receive step-by-step guidance from the program, your personal mentor, and Robert Lee Camp. They'll help you develop your skills, gain confidence, and unlock your full potential as a Master Card Reader. By the end of the 10-month program, you'll have the tools and knowledge needed to turn card reading into a fulfilling and rewarding career. Even if you're not interested in making a career out of it, you'll still benefit from the program as it will enhance your intuitive abilities and help you gain valuable insights into your own life.
  • What if I’m already an experienced card reader - how will this help me?
    Even if you're already familiar with the system, this program will take your skills to the next level. With advanced techniques and expert guidance from Robert Lee Camp, the world's leading authority on the Destiny Cards system, you'll gain valuable insights that will refine your skills to new heights. You'll learn a unique perspective on the system that you won't find anywhere else, allowing you to provide even more accurate and insightful readings for your clients.
  • I have a busy schedule - what happens if I need to miss some of the monthly Q&A sessions?
    No problem! We've got you covered. You can watch the recorded Q&A sessions whenever it's convenient for you. We understand life gets busy, so we designed the program to be flexible and adaptable. These valuable sessions are not required but you really want to watch them, even if you cannot make it to the live presentation. As long as you stay focused on your goals, you'll have the support you need to finish the program and become a Master Card Reader.
  • What time will the monthly live Q&A sessions happen, and will they be available in my timezone?
    The live group Q&A sessions will take place on one Saturday each month, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Eastern in the US, evening in Europe, and late night/early morning in Asia & Oceania. All live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time, even if you miss one.
  • When will the meetings with my mentor take place?
    After your mentor has been assigned to you, your mentor will connect with you to figure out a time that will work best for both of your schedules. Meetings are conducted via Zoom so that you can connect from anywhere.
  • What if I have to miss my bi-weekly call with my mentor?
    If you need to reschedule or cancel a call, please respect your mentor's time and let them know ahead of time. You can also reschedule from your Calendly confirmation email.
  • Do I get an official certificate upon completing the program?
    Yes! Upon completion, you’ll get an official certification mailed to your home address that you can add to your website or any platform you like.
  • How much study time does this program require?
    We’re here to support you every step of the way. As long as you block out 2 - 3 hours/week, you'll be fine and will make it to the finish line.
  • What if I miss a payment during the payment plan?
    We understand that life can get busy, so it's important to keep in mind the payment plan conditions: If you miss a payment, we'll need to suspend your training until payment is received. But, once the payment is made, you'll be able to rejoin the program and continue learning and growing with your mentor and fellow students. Please note that if you're late for a month or more, we will need to say goodbye for now, and you won't be able to continue the program or receive a refund. However, you'll still have access to the materials you've received up to that point. Lastly, to graduate and become certified, make sure you've paid in full before completing the program. We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, so please reach out to us if you have any concerns about the payment plan.
  • What if I've already purchased some of the course?
    If you had already purchased any of the required courses, you get a credit of 50% of what you paid, towards purchasing other courses on
  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
    Absolutely! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can sign up with confidence. If, for any reason, you decide that the Magi Card Science Certification program isn't right for you, just let us know before December 1, 2024, and we'll give you a full refund. However, refunds are not possible after this period, but you can still have lifetime access to the three courses and software for one year.
  • What if I can't finish the certification?
    First, it is important to know that you may opt out of taking the exams and getting certified but continue studying at your own pace, attending group Q&A sessions, and mentor meetings while still having access to the course materials. If for some reason, you are not able to complete your training, but still want to achieve your certification, there will be an optional extension program offered to you, at an additional cost.
  • Will there be a graduation ceremony?
    In September of next year, the Gathering of the Magi will be held in either Asheville, NC, on a cruise, or TBD. You are invited to attend and have your certificate given in person by Robert and the other members. While attendance isn't mandatory, you won't want to miss out on the unforgettable two to four day event featuring exclusive classes, exciting get-togethers, and the highly anticipated graduation ceremony. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate your achievements and connect with like-minded individuals.

Secure Your Spot Now

 Apply by July 15th. Program starts August 1st.

$4000 in one payment or ($2800 upfront and $300 in 4 monthly installments). All Prices Shown in USD.

What is the Science of the Cards?

rs=w_1240,cg_true (1).png

The Science of the Cards, also known as Destiny Cards, is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights into your life and the lives of others. It is a unique system of divination that uses a regular deck of playing cards to unlock the mysteries of the universe.


Each of the 52 cards in a standard deck represents specific days of the year and is associated with a particular energy and archetype. Every year, week, and day of your life is mapped out in this system. 


By learning to read the cards and interpret their meanings, you can gain valuable insights into your past, present, and future, as well as those of your clients.


But the Destiny Cards are more than just a tool for divination. They can also be used for personal growth and self-discovery. By understanding your personal cards and the energies they represent, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.


The Destiny Cards system is based on the teachings of ancient wisdom once used by the Egyptians. It has been used for centuries to gain insights and guidance. With the right guidance and training, anyone can learn to read the cards and unlock the secrets of the universe.


Your birthday is not just a calendar date but a roadmap to your destiny. The combination of positive and negative karma you brought from past lives can be unlocked through the powerful tools of astrology and the science of the cards.


By discovering your Birth and Ruling Cards, you'll better understand your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. But that's just the beginning. With this knowledge, you can also unlock the secrets of:


  • The timing of significant events in your life

  • Cycles of success and happiness

  • Who you are most compatible with

  • What careers fit you best

  • When you will marry, have children, or achieve financial success

  • Spiritual experiences

  • And more

This system is not just a one-time reading but a lifetime companion that can guide you through the ups and downs of life. So don't wait any longer to unlock your true potential and start living the life you were meant to live.

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